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BPK Hotline

BPK Hospital Group has been established over three decades, and has been marked
by a clear understanding of local and international patients, providing them with international standards of medical care,
highly trained physicians and operating with the latest medical equipments to accommodate every patient’s need

Medical Centers

Our medical centers are equipped with a team of specialized doctors and modern medical equipments, under international safety standards to ensure the most effective treatments.

Medical Team

Our medical team consists of experts who are certified from renowned universities of Thailand and abroad. They are always prepared to providing the best treatment possible.

Highlighted Cases

Your health is our priority! 
We’re proud to tell our highlighted cases before you decide to start a medical journey with us.
We will make sure to deliver the best service of healthcare to you and your beloved one. 




Patient Rooms

Our private and comfortable in-patient rooms are furnished with complete amenities,
to facilitate our patients to experience a home away from home.

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Lifestyle changes for prevention of hypercholesterolemia

Even though fats are one of the most important substances that are needed for energy, hormone production, cell function and vitamin absorption, an excess of fats or lipids—cholesterol, a substance that exists in the fat— in a person’s blood can lead to chronic diseases, notably cardiovascular disease.



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