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The doctor helps saving the patient’s life by blocking the liver’s blood vessels and preventing excessive abdominal bleeding from the car accident!!!

31 May 2559

   31 Years old Thai female was riding on motorcycle while getting hit by a car, and causing her severe bleeding in her abdomen.  She arrived at BPK 9 International Hospital and got immediately care of. The abdominal radiology showed excessive internal bleeding. The liver and kidney are injured. The operation could not be performed because the patient could lose her life in the operation room. There was only one option, the doctor decided to insert the tube into her liver’s blood vessels and block the part which caused the bleeding.  The procedure needs a modern medical technology and a specialized doctor which have very few.   The patient had been hospitalized and got well soon after to undertake her normal life.

   The key success of this case is that BPK 9 International Hospital can provide the specialized doctor on time, and be equipped with modern medical equipments, ready to serve the patient at all emergency situations.

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