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10 Feb 2559

Name: Tania Hoeta-Bevan
Age: 51 years
Born: New Zealand
      I have been diabetic most of my life. I have been insulin resistant since 11 years old. At 30 years old I was put on Diabex and other medications. Due to my diabetes my health issues included:
1. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
2. Uncontrolled sugar levels
3. Sleep Apnea (including sleeping with a machine every night)
4. Bad lower back pain
5. Leakage of blood vessels in the back of my eyes
6. Often very tired
7. Asthma like symptoms
8. High Blood Pressure + Cholesterol problems
    In the last 10 years I have been injecting Insulin 4X per day @ 140 units – which I hated!!  I had a few of having to inject more often, and a few of stroke. I was depressed at times and felt little hope for my health to improve. I had tried many different treatments over the years to help my diabetes and escalating weight gain – but no success.
    However, I decided to investigate the idea of having a gastric sleeve. After 3 months research I decided to come to this hospital. I was very scared because of the drastic step I felt I was taking but I was more scared of my future – with worse bad health and weight gain and more injection insulin.
   So, on 1/12/2015 I had the Gastric Sleeve. My surgeon was Dr.Chakrit and my diabetic doctor was Dr.Sirikan. They both took very good care of me 100% satisfaction excellent hospital care. I had no pain after surgery and walked daily at the local Central Plaza Mall. 2 months later I am
back for check up – actually 10 weeks after surgery. Now, I Feel AMAZING.
1. No more sleep apnea – no mask (yahoo!)
2. No more lower back pain
3. No more insulin
4. Feeling more optimistic about my future health
5. More energetic
6. No more asthma symptoms
7. I am still learning to control my sugar levels but don’t need to inject. It is only been 10 weeks.
     Advice: Please invest in your health, you are worth it!! Enjoy the journey and follow doctor’s advice. I am now excited for my future. Within 1 year I will not be diabetic if I follow the doctor’s advice.

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