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Electrocardigram : EKG or ECG

An electrocardiogram is a non-invasive, painless test that checks for problems with electrical activities in the heart, providing results in the form of a graph. It is a common test used to detect heart problems and monitor heart’s status in many situations. This test will classify patients with potential heart diseases in the following

Exercise Stress Test

This is a primary checking for diagnosis and prognosis of cardiovascular disease for patients with a normal or near-normal resting electrocardiogram who are capable of adequate exercise. The test is performed in order to help the doctor indentify abnormal heart rhythms, to evaluate the effectiveness of cardiac treatment plan and to help develop a safe exercise program.

Health Screening

The center provides comprehensive health screening programs, designed to suit each individual’s need, according to their age, gender, lifestyle and work-related health risks. The Center is fully equipped with advanced medical equipments to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of results. Our physical exams and health check up are conducted by a team of dedicated doctors and nurses. Patients can expect to be completely satisfied with the quality and superior level of care as well as our dedication to the patient’s health.

Laser Vagina Firming

Laser Vagina Firming Program is designed for ladies who have vaginal relaxation syndrome and/or stress urinary incontinence. These indications are generally associated with overstretching of the vaginal canal during childbirth as well as natural aging. The program is not only internal rejuvenation but it is also for external rejuvenation or labia rejuvenation, providing you a brighter and smoother at labia surface. You will experience a greater sexual satisfaction and a better appearance of the treated area.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Physical therapy in children begins from a physical and problem assessment. Therapy is conducted to strengthen muslces, practice movement control, practice balance whilst sitting, standing and walking through specialized techniques so that the young patient can become self-sufficient and resume to normal daily activities. We have a team of specialized therapists with expertise and extensive experience in treating young neuromuscular patients

Perfect Slim by Vela II

Vela II is a medical device used to treat cellulite, reduce bodily circumferences, skin tightening, stimulate blood circulation, relieve aches, smoothen skin, and promote better flow of the lymphatic system. Treatments are conducted by specialists of the Vela II which makes smoothens the skin. Tightened results can be observed immediately after completion of the full course.

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