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Breast Center

   Bangpakok 9 International Hospital’s Breast Center is dedicated to diagnosis and treatment of breast problems, not just breast cancer, but also other breast-related symptoms such as tumor, breast pains, cysts, abnormal secretions and benign conditions. The Breast Specialists provide holistic care, including cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery, to ensure all patients comfortably return to their normal lifestyles. Breast occurs entirely in women but men can get it too, an early detection is best to get cured.
Our Services
  1. Digital Mammography
  2. Aspiration of Breast Cyst
  3. Fine Needle Aspiration
  4. Core Needle Biopsy
  5. Breast Mass Excision, Microdochectomy & Duct Excision
  6. Breast Conserving Surgery
  7. Mastectomy
  8. Breast Reconstruction
  9. Breast Reconstruction with Implant, TRAM or LD flap
  10. Sentinel Node Biopsy and Axillary node dissection
  11. Minimally Invasive Breast Surgery
  12. Breast Reduction Surgery

Operating Hours :
Open Monday – Sunday, 08.00 – 20.00
Breast Center, 1st Floor of Bangpakok 9 International Hospital

For more information :
Telephone : +662–109–9111 ext. 10113
Call Center : 1745

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